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How to Deal with Bad Travel Compatibility

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While travel compatibility is not the yardstick of how strong a friendship/relationship can be, it can definitely be an indicator of how incompatible two people can be. Whether or not you choose to let it be the deciding factor that’s another story for another blog.
Travel compatibility is difficult to gauge ahead of time – it’s something that you try out. You can definitely talk about it before your trip but even then, you won’t know how compatible you are until a few days in your trip.
For those of you who feel you’re compatible because you already live with your travel mate – you’re in for a surprise. When you’re in another country, there’s no escaping each other… be it work, friends or family. Being stuck with a person 24h a day means you need to put up with their quirks and you need to watch yours. And that is just what can catch up to you both.
We’re not here to give you advice on friendship and relationships just a few pointers to use during your trip in case things get tense. These are potential situations that you can identify as the source of your incompatibility.
Plan some alone time
Even for the most social of butterflies, alone time may become a necessity. The trouble it’s difficult to say “I just need some time by myself” without the other one hearing “You think I’m annoying and I want to be far away from you.” It’s important to make it clear that this is about you and not them. Don’t underestimate the pressure put on two people when constantly together.
Set a morning routine
When we’re sleepy, we don’t have all our wits. Some of us take a while to be “up and running”. Others are not. Regardless of who you are, sometimes you both may need to adapt your routine to accommodate a friendlier trip. If you need more time to get ready, get up earlier to have your coffee in peace. If you’re in tight quarters than you may just need to make an extra effort to get up without a snooze and keep it down. Being on vacation doesn’t mean you’re off from human compromise.
To see or not to see
Some people like to travel to see the important sights other like to lay low and live the culture. You may also be in between. Whatever the case may be, be aware of what you actually want to see and do. If you’re more of the “winging it” and easy going type, then you may need to accept being “bossed” around as to what the plan is. What you can’t do is complain if you don’t like the plan. You’ll need to contribute. Just be aware of which type you are and gauge what the other is. Then, meet in the middle.
Relax or “go go go”
I’ve been on trips where time was tight so we chose to jam pack all the sights and activities. It was the classic “I’ll need a vacation after this vacation” type of feeling. I won’t do that anymore. That’s just how I like to travel. I prefer to see less and feel like I’m not “consuming” my vacation. Nowadays, I actually plan to have a day off in the middle of my trip. A day where I may choose to stay in my hotel room and do nothing and not feel guilty. Because that’s what I like. I won’t force the other(s) to do the same though and I won’t get cranky if I end up choosing to forgo this day off.
There are a ton of other situations and if you’re finding it difficult to deal with the other, just realize that you chose to travel with someone instead of by yourself. Own up to your decision and realize that being on holiday doesn’t give you the right to have everything your way. Get over yourself and find a compromise.

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