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Your Montrealer Guide: Live the Best Local Experience

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Who better than a Montrealer to show you around this hip and trendy North American city?
Well… Two Montrealers!
We’ve been living in this city (and loving it!) for most of our lives. Enjoy a true local experience with this guide personally curated by both of us. While Cindy is outgoing and sporty, Pascale is an arts & culture aficionado – that makes us the perfect pair to make your discover every side of the city.

Sports & Entertainment

1. Leave your car home
Montreal is a very walkable city – we would suggest choosing 1-2 neighbourhoods to visit per day, and walk everywhere. The subway system (Metro) is generally well deserved throughout the city. Also, driving in Montreal is usually a nightmare.
2. Bike on Canal Lachine
Rent a bike and spend the afternoon strolling along the canal. Start on the other side of the Atwater Market – you have 2 choices : one side will bring you to the Old Port, and the other one to Lachine/Lasalle with lots of spots for picnics. Choose our Move experience to get a bike tour with a local.
3. Catch a Hockey game
Hockey is our national religion. Even if you don’t know the game or don’t enjoy it, the energy you can feel at the Bell Centre or at any bar during the season is electric. Sit directly at the bar next to locals and cheer for the Canadiens with us!
4. Surf on the river
Yes, your read well! Most people are surprised to hear you can actually surf in Montreal. A few spots we’ve personnally tried and loved : La Vague a Guy, great for beginners, and right behind Habitat 67 for the more advanced. Pssst : our Move experience includes a surf experience during summertime.
5. Spend an afternoon in the park
As soon as the last snowflake has melted, you can be certain that Montrealers are enjoying every second of summer! We love to spend our days in the beautiful parks the city has to offer. Organize a picnic at Parc Laurier, Parc Lafontaine or Parc Jarry, or join us on Sundays for tam-tams on Mont Royal.
6. Attend a festival
Summer or winter, you can always find a music, food or art festival in the city. Plus, lots of them are completely free! These ones are less known from tourists : Puces Pop, Pop Montréal, Mile Ex Marché de nuit, Mile End Ex, Etsy

Food, Art & Culture

1. Enjoy bagels fresh from the oven
One thing you have to know: you need to choose between Fairmount and St-Viateur bagels. Located 5 minutes from each other, they’ve been in rivalry forever. Honestly, they’re equally good – but if you’re a true Montrealer, you’ll always choose the same one. Ask one fresh from the oven and drink i ton the sidewalk with a delicious coffee from Club Social or Olimpico.
2. Get hungry and go for brunch
Sunday brunch is a sacred moment for any Montrealer.
Our faves : Sparrow, Mélisse, Vieux Vélo, Fabergé, Régine Café, L’Gros Luxe and Santa Barbara. You’ll see other ones in the usual guides, but we’ve curated the ones that are truly worth the wait.
3. Check out the Street Art on The Main
Saint-Laurent Boulevard, nicknamed “The Main” by Montrealers, isfilled with stunning street art. All you have to do is start around Saint-Laurent/Milton and walk up the boulevard. With two annual graffiti festivals, one there’s something to see on every block. Pssst : Our Create experience includes a complete street art tour.
4. Stroll around the Plateau
Get your camera or phone ready to capture the colourful houses of Plateau Mont-Royal. Pssst : the bes tones are on Drolet, Henri-Julien and Laval (between Avenue Des Pins and Avenue du Mont-Royal).
5. Go to a Bring-Your-Own-Wine
Did you know you could bring your own wine or beer to a restaurant in Montreal? You’ll find plenty of delicious options. Here are our favourites: Machiavelli’s, Lombardi, Pizzeria Napoletana, Yuukai, Chand Palace,
6. Learn some French
Most Montrealers speak both French and English, but we always appreciate when a tourist makes an effort to talk to us in French. Take a class with us while you’re here by adding this activity wity Rove Plus.

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