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5 Easy Hacks to Become a More Conscious Traveller

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Travelling is inspiring, eye-opening and resourcing. It broadens horizons and expands the mind. On the other hand, tourism unfortunately accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Curious to see how your next flight impacts the environment? Check this great tool !

If travelling is in your plans this year, simple gestures might do more than you would think.

Here are 5 easy hacks to become a more conscious traveller, and overall more conscious human being.

1. Plan wisely

When you’re out and about exploring a new destination, you’re in an unknown environment – and it can be quite hard to know where to look to find these eco-friendly, vegan or low waste options. Don’t get caught: plan wisely!
1) Snacks: Let’s face it : we don’t always make the smartest and most nutritional choices when we’re hungry. Avoid unhealthy or individually packaged snacks by bringing your own. Nuts, bananas, oranges or homemade granola bars are great options to bring in your backpack for the day!
2) Reusable bottles: In 2019, hopefully this one is a given. There are so many alternatives to plastic water bottles and coffee cups – there are simply no excuses! Water is not safe to drink where you’re going? Bring a travel water purifier.
3) Picnic accessories: If sharing a baguette, cheese and rosé watching the sunset on a beach sounds lovely to you – you might want to pack a few picnic essentials like a bottle opener, beeswax wrap, reusable cups and utensils, a bento bag and linen cloths.

2. Build your low waste travel kit

If you travel often, this is an absolute must.
Minimize: Ask yourself – do I absolutely need it? Choose a multi-use product instead of bringing a separate shampoo, conditioner and body wash.
Reuse: list the products you really need and get yourself reusable bottles to pack anything from make up remover, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face soap, moisturizer and soon.

3. Prioritize ground travel

Transportation, especially air travel, is the major culprit when it comes to the negative impact of tourism. Whenever you can, choose ground travel – whether it’s walking, biking, or, if you need to, taking the train. Not only it is friendly on the environment, but you might also see things and meet people you wouldn’t have, if you take it slower and wander.

4. Digitalize your life

Travelling comes with its fair share of documents – from itineraries to boarding passes or train tickets, there are a lot of things that you could print… But don’t! Nowadays, so many user-friendly solutions are available right at your fingertips.
Itinerary: TripIt, Google Trips
Plane, show, train, bus tickets: TripIt
Maps: Google Maps (also in offline mode), Here We Go
Language book: Google Translate
Information on things to see/do: Pocket

5. Create memories – don’t buy them

What’s the most memorable thing you can think of when you remember your latest trip? We would tend to bet it’s probably not that magnet you bought at the souvenir shop. To make the most of your upcoming exploration, it’s simple: be mindful. Embrace the unknown, get curious about the culture, talk to locals, sit on a bench and watch life unfolds – by being fully present and leaving room for spontaneity, we can guarantee you’ll bring back unforgettable memories.



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