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Custom Insider Travel Guide

Custom Insider Travel Guide

$ 29.99

Save time searching and planning your trip, and also make sure you get the best out of it. Meet like-minded locals and join them for unique activities based on your interests, eat and drink at real hidden gems in the city and make the very most out of your trip!
Let us craft you a custom travel guide – fill out a simple 10-questions form, and we’ll get back to you with a personalized guide filled with recommandations.
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Still hesitating? Check out this example to get an idea of what kind of document you’ll receive from us.
What you get:
+ An insider point of view on your destination: what’s going on right now, what you should know and expect
+ Our favourite spots in the city, reviewed by our local team: avoid tourist traps and explore the city as a local (hotels, Airbnbs, restaurants, cafés, bars, parks, activities…)
+ Unique activity ideas: alternative ways to discover the city, original tours and activities with/without locals
+ Practical information on your destination: get around easily without looking like a tourist
+ Don’t get the cookie cutter guide: we create a personalized travel guide based on your budget, interests and preferences. Always up to date!